What to Do when Considering Renting a Forklift

Forklifts are important pieces of equipment that are used by many warehouses, construction companies and even homes. In case you need this equipment to fulfill your business or personal requirements, purchasing or renting a forklift can be a great option.

In terms of renting a forklift, planning in advance can surely save you time, headaches and money. You can rent forklifts for any length of time for rugged outdoor or indoor warehouse use. Whether your home needs a forklift for a home improvement or construction work, a walk behind forklift are best solution for your short-term needs. The following are some things to remember when renting a forklift.

Rent from the Right Place and Be Informed

Renting a forklift from a dealership guarantees dependable equipment and quick response. As you visit dealerships in person, you will be assisted b y a qualified professional who will listen to your needs and evaluate your specific situation to recommend the right equipment. Make sure that you ask regarding available optional equipment in case your application requires some attachments since the right attachments needs the right truck. You can also expect to learn about extra warning devices like lights and backup alarms. Make sure that you let the professional know about your special needs that you application requires such as the weight and size of loads, operating and surface conditions as well as lift heights.

Know your Environment

This will help you come up with an informed decision including the kind of tyres you need. For instance, cushions tyres are solid rubber which must be utilized in indoor setting as well as asphalt and concrete settings while pneumatic tyres are full of air which must be used for terrain settings like hillsides, dirt and rocks.

Be Aware of the Various Kinds of Forklifts

Forklifts can be electric, gas or diesel. Knowing about these kinds will help you in making smart decision for your project in the long run.

Deal with the Rental Contract Issues

After deciding on the right forklift to rent, take into account t rental contract. Rates of forklift rentals tend to be evaluated every day, week or month. Make sure that you know how long you have to rent the forklift. Daily rates are lower than rates for longer rents.

Ask about Overtime Charges

This must be done upfront. Most rentals for forklifts are based upon an eight-hour work per day. In case you need to rent a forklift more than these hours, overtime charges may apply.


Treat the Forklift Properly

Even if you are just renting the forklift, treat it like yours because dealerships or forklift companies will evaluate rental charges for units that are damaged when returned. Remind your operator on great material handling practices. The forklift should not be used inappropriately such as using it for pulling a load and putting on a chain. Evidence of abuse such as big paint scrapes and dents upon return can lead to charges. Before renting the forklift, consider inspecting it for signs of damage.

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