What Features Make a Home Luxurious?

Whether you want to live in the lap of luxury or are looking to get top dollar for your home on the resale market, there are several features you should think about adding to make the most of your next remodel project. Here are a few of the most common—and most desirable features that transform a Grifon home from casual to luxurious.


 Feature #1:  Smart Home Technology

Even if you are not a techie, smart home technology adds an exotic sense of “the future” that you won’t find in most homes.  While we are definitely on the verge of all that technology that had been fantasized in the science fiction of yesteryear, the smart home is not quite yet the norm.  As such, people looking to get the most innovative—and convenient—home will certainly be on the market for one that uses Smart technology that allows you to control just about everything from the ease and comfort of your smartphone.

Feature #2: Home Theatre Entertainment

Nobody can deny the attraction of quality home entertainment but a room dedicated solely for gaming or movies (or both) can greatly increase a home’s level of luxury. Of course, this type of improvement could also elevate the experience of professional sports and other special, televised events.

Feature #3: Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the most popular trends right now is the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.  This incorporates things like outdoor kitchens and showers as well as full walls that open to reveal a patio or infinity pool.

Feature #4: Gourmet Kitchen (With Wine Room)

Exquisite cuisine is an iconic luxury across the world so there may be no better way to add luxury to your home than with a gourmet kitchen upgrade. Add a wine room, too, for yet more class and sophistication.

Feature #5:  Spa Bathroom

When many people think of luxury, the idea of a spa comes to mind. Truly there is no experience more luxurious than the pampering you get at the spa. And if you can add a similar experience to your home—by way of a spa bathroom complete with jacuzzi tub, sensual aromas, skylights, and natural wood and stone elements—it could improve your quality of life as well as your home’s value.

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