What Does The Issue Of Haze Bring To The Community?

In recent years, haze has affected many countries around the world. It often brings to the citizens poor air quality,which may cause some people to suffer lung diseases or experience severe respiratory problems. The haze will also lead to an increase in the price of protective gear as there will be a sharp increase in demand of such items when the community is notified of the incoming haze.

Causes of Haze

According to research, the main cause of a haze is due to a dry monsoon season. As the vegetation in the surrounding area becomes very dry, it will become easily flammable. As a result, when a vehicle drives past, the friction between the wheels may cause a forest fire which produces smoke. If there is a fire within the immediate vicinity, surrounding areas may also be affected and there will be a large portion of the forest being burnt, producing large amount of smoke which may lead to a regional Haze.

Secondly, evidence of the slash and burn method adopted by some locals is also sighted in certain areas. As it is cheaper to simply burn down the forest to clear land for agriculture uses, the locals would burn the forest. However, they did not expect the fire to be uncontrollable and spread to the nearby areas.

Preventive Measures

Everyone can all take preventive measures against the haze. Firstly, they could stock up the necessary equipment that helps to protect themselves against a fire or contain one if it is possible. They could, for starters, purchase something like a 3M N95 mask before a haze takes place. Trying to buy one during the haze, may lead to a shortage of such masks. Hence, having a stock of the aforementioned masks at home, ensures that one can continue with their activities without any hiccups. Secondly, avoid going out when the air quality reaches an unhealthy range. This is to prevent anyone from inhaling the unhealthy particles in the air which could cause health problems in the future.

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