Top 5 Tips on How to Save on Your Wedding Dress

In these difficult economic times, some brides wish for cheaper ways to be able to have their dream wedding. Since wedding dresses can be very costly, let us look at a few ways you can save on them without having to compromise so much on your dream dress.

Buy used wedding gowns

This may not sound too cool but imagine saving up to 90% on your wedding gown costs! Not a lot of wedding gowns are worn more than once so they are probably still new but if you have doubts, you can consult wedding gown cleaners who will make it look good as new.

Rent a dress

Why buy something that you will only wear once in your life. Keep an open mind. Rent it, have your fabulous wedding and return it.

Borrow the dress

There is a high possibility that a friend of yours already has a dress that you like. You can borrow and customize it. If you are afraid of people in your common circles noticing the repeat, you can have a friend borrow for you from their friend.

Have the dress made

This is in fact a good way to get exactly the kind of dress you want. You can have your local tailor make something custom for you by either copying a good designer or combining different designs you saw in various dresses. The prices might not be very low but it still beats buying from a designer.

Search online

Several stores may get designer gowns from the same supplier but put different mark ups on their stocks. You can do an extensive search online for different stores that have the same gown you want and find the one with the lowest price tag. You may have to cover some distance in order to get it but many times the combined costs of transportation and the cheaper dress still beat the cost of the more expensive dress. Moreover, nothing can beat getting your favorite dress!

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