Top 3 Most Dangerous Pests And What You Can Do To Deter Their Presences

No one loves pests. They are a menace. Worst of all, they ‘reward’ humans with life threatening diseases and other inconveniences that can be extremely embarrassing. Fortunately, they are just pests. You can always brush them aside and hope they will go or die and leave you in peace. How wrong! There are some pests that are more dangerous than you may ever think. Here is a list of the most dangerous ones especially during summer.


No doubt you have heard about malaria. If you haven’t, read about it and the number of deaths it causes every year. It’s scary to say the least. But it doesn’t end at just malaria which is often and rightfully so, attributed to the female anopheles mosquito. Dengue, encephalitis, West Nile fever and yellow fever are all life threatening diseases caused by mosquitoes.


They are just as dangerous as mosquitoes. Spreading Lyme disease is what they do best to humans and pets. Lyme might sound to many like one of those easy to cope up, treatable diseases. But it’s not. You only have to look at its symptoms to have a clue on how dangerous it can be. Fever, skin rashes and fatigue. The disease can also affect one’s joints as well as the nervous system.

Bees and wasps

They have to be put under the same category for one obvious reason; they sting. Hard. Africanized killer bees, hornets, and yellow jackets also fall under the same category. While they may not cause life threatening diseases, their stings have been reported to send millions of people mostly children and the elderly to hospitals.

The solutions

You can always take preventive measures like using mosquito repellents or sleeping under a treated mosquito net. For the ticks, you can always put on long sleeved shirts and long pants and for the bees and wasps, well, simply don’t startle them. These are just but preventive measures. The best solution is to contact a pest and bird removal company. They will use the right chemicals to offer you long lasting, if not permanent solutions

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