Tips On Keeping Your Neighborhood Maintained And Stylish

We all do our best to keep our own properties well-maintained and stylish. But this can all seem in vain if the rest of your neighbourhood is scruffy and run down. A neighbourhood without any kerb appeal will generally detract from all of your hard work, and it will also have a longer term effect on the actual value of your property. You should also know that developing an attractive and well-designed neighborhood is one of the best ways of developing a sense of community. A place that looks pleasant to be in is likely to draw more people out of their homes and into a common space.

But it can be a difficult undertaking. If you want to redesign your own home, or undertake some hefty maintenance on the property then you don’t really have to ask anyone’s permission. Nor do you have to worry about offending anyone. But if you bring up the idea of improving the looks of the neighbourhood then you might be offending people. People could assume that you’re implying that their property is currently run down, and that they are incapable of looking after it.

With that in mind, we’ve assembled a few of our best ideas for diplomatically raising the idea of neighbourhood improvement. Using any of these you should be able to begin to organise neighbourhood improvement schemes without having to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes.

Housing Associations

You could put forward the idea of signing up to a housing association. This has the advantage of not directly addressing the issue of scruffiness in the neighbourhood. HOA management will address a myriad of neighbourhood concerns, one of which will be appearances. It shouldn’t be hard to sell the idea to your fellow homeowners, as there are so many advantages. And it has the bonus of establishing a network through which you can organise further positive change in the area.

Community Events

Instead of going on a one-person crusade to improve the area, you should be thinking about ways to have the whole community take pride in their shared spaces. Organise events to improve the open spaces in your neighbourhoods, creating an incentive for others to take care of their own properties in the meantime. You should also be relishing the fact that community events bring together the neighbourhood, and create more open channels of communication. These will certainly be useful when you have any future issues.

Local Regulations

This probably isn’t the best route to go down straight away, but there are always local regulations with regard to how a property should be maintained. These regulations are in place to make sure that no one property will draw down the aesthetic and value of the neighbourhood. Obviously before you get any officials involved you should make sure that you understand the regulations. And you should also try to approach the neighbour personally first. If you can solve the problem between neighbours then you should certainly be working to do that. But you shouldn’t be scared of involving the local authority if you’re making no headway.

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