Save energy bills with HVAC tweaks

Buildings that use the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system consume a lot of energy. More than fifty per cent of the energy bills that they pay is due to the energy consumed by the HVAC unit. Given below are a few HVAC tweaks which can help you save energy and in turn reduce your monthly energy bills considerably.

  • New HVAC systems have been created with the environment in mind. These new systems will help you save energy. If your current HVAC system is ten years or older then it is advised to opt for a new HVAC system as it will be a good investment that will give you good returns by saving energy. New systems have SEER ratings and a rating of more than 14 is considered a good rating for the system.
  • There are guidelines for energy efficiency nowadays. For all HVAC units there are Energy Star labels. Buy HVAC units that come with Energy Star labels and you will save a lot on energy and you may also get rebates, so speak to the utility company.


  • By installing programmable thermostats you can save energy. If some parts of a building is unoccupied or only occupied during certain times of the day, then it is beneficial to install these programmable thermostats. This will ensure cooling only during the programmed time and save energy and money.
  • By increasing the temperature a little bit you will be able to save a lot of energy. By increasing the temperature you will find that there is more productivity.
  • The air flow is important. Dirty air filters will impede the flow of air. This will cause pressure on the system and this will lead to more energy usage. Cleaning the filters regularly will ensure proper movement of air. If the ducts are blocked then it could impede air flow, so remove furniture or any other item that blocks the ducts. Smooth air flow will ensure less consumption of energy.


  • Dust and dirt should be removed from the coils. Accumulation of dust and dirt on coils can lead to extra stress on the HVAC system leading to more energy use. Hence cleaning of the coils is necessary to save energy.
  • Regular maintenance of the HVAC system is very important. With regular maintenance you will find that the system is working like new. When the HVAC system is functioning well and without any stress you can be sure that it will save energy. Since most of these systems are energy compliant, you just need to service it regularly to save money.
  • A proper evaluation of the building every year will ensure savings. A building will have new additions like laptops, computers, printers etc. These heat generating machines will increase the heat inside the building. If you change the size of the cubicles or add a few cubicles, it can hamper the HVAC design. An evaluation of the building by a HVAC specialist will help as the person will perform a few tweaks to the HVAC design to ensure proper cooling and also to save energy.

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