Offer Your Clients More Construction Options

As a contractor, it’s really important to have healthy relationships with both the client and the supplier simultaneously. You’ll maintain client satisfaction by offering him or her more options than your competitors, and your repeat business with good suppliers and vendors can help improve your business reputation and your skill as a contractor. Whether you’re building commercially or in residential neighbourhoods, the work ethic should still be the same.


With this in mind, you should know how to give your clients more options. Giving clients fewer options will make them more likely to go with another contractor or hire a different subcontractor who can handle the niche job they’re looking for. As you continue to build your business as a contractor, you should always be aware of how you can give your clients more options when it comes to design and structural elements for their homes or commercial properties.


For clients, door options are a big deal. You need to have a supplier that can get you the best doors available, as well as all the different types of doors that clients usually ask for. If you don’t have a good door supplier, you should look online for some companies that offer a wide variety of high-quality doors so that you can show them to your client during the design process.

For instance, if your client wants folding sliding doors, you should be able to have a supplier that can provide you with the exact type of door that your client wants. This will help you look more competent with your supplier contacts and will give your client more satisfaction.


As with doors, windows can come in many shapes and sizes. There are different insulation options, coatings, frame styles, and more. You should know about all of them in order to recommend models to your clients during design. You should also consider getting a window supplier that can get you both commercial and residential windows. The more options you have, the more satisfied your client will be.

Additionally, with doors, windows, and other design elements, if you know your way around standard door and window types, your recommendations will go a long way with clients who are looking for a specific type. They’ll feel comfortable taking your advice because you’ll be familiar with the technology and the terminology associated with these niche elements. It’ll make you look more well-rounded as a contractor, which is very important if you’re interested in growing your business.


If you need to find a supplier that can give you plenty of options on both commercial and residential windows and doors, you should look online. Suppliers with websites will give you quotes if you give them a call or fill out the contact forms on their websites. Be sure to let them know that you’re interested in a long-term agreement if they can provide you with the right kinds of supplies. As you continue to establish relationships with great suppliers, your contracting company will do better and your clients will be happier.

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