Make Your Dream Home a Reality through Custom Built Home

Custom designing your dream home is a highly gratifying experience, not only while designing it, but also in the years you live in the home built by you. In custom-built homes, the homeowner will have full control over the function and quality of the home. These unique homes are designed exclusively for you.

Those who prefer a custom home usually purchase the land and then hire a professional home designer or an architect to design the home, which is tailored to meet all their personal specifications. By approaching popular online service provider such as plan de maisons, you get to choose design based on your preference.

Due to its originality, you may have to make several decisions while building a custom home. Besides, a lot of time is spent on researching on the products and visiting stores, which sell such products.

Construction of custom-built home is definitely an exciting process. However, it can be a time sensitive and time intensive process. Besides choosing the neighbourhood of your choice, you must also focus on the floor plan, choosing doors, cabinets, garage doors, paint, lighting, plumbing fixtures, special architectural features, etc. The construction time must also be considered, as the whole process takes a lot of time. Some of the new homeowners often miscalculate the time it takes to complete the project.

What is Custom Built House?

A custom-built house is one, which is custom fit based on your lifestyle and choice. Either you can go for a completely custom designed home or you can consider a semi-custom built home, where you just choose an already existing floor plan. In the second option, you can tweak some features and design aesthetics and choose your finishes. In short, you can involve as much or as little as you want.

You can start the construction project anytime of the year including the winter season. There are a few advantages of starting the project during winter.


  • You will get better pricing in winter, as the subcontractors must work irrespective of the season.
  • As subcontractors are not busy during this time, they will meet your schedule
  • Also the government agencies are not very busy and hence, they will give the permit quickly
  • As this is an off-season for construction schedules, arranging for a foundation company or framing crew will be much easier than during other time of the year like early summer or spring.


A few things to consider if you are planning to construct during winter months

  • If the site gets no sun or even very little sun, it is not advisable to start the project
  • You can cut a few trees on the building site in order to get more sun
  • Make sure that the site is ploughed, if the snow is more that 3 to 4 inches deep
  • You may need concrete thermal blankets, so find out where they are available either on rent or for purchasing
  • The foundation and excavation companies must be scheduled close together to avoid the frost from getting into the earth under the foundation
  • The major obstacles are over, once you take care of the foundation as well as concreting the floors.


While building a home, it is important to accurately assess the desired home specifications budget and the time frame. Considering these factors will greatly aid in making the right decision on the kind of home to build.

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