Invest In Solid Wood Furniture: You Won’t Regret It

If, like us you’ve reached a stage in your life when you want to upgrade your furniture, you can’t do much better than investing in the solid wood variety. Flat pack and imitation wood furniture of course does have its uses, however lasting for many years and still looking good is not one of them; if you want something that will last then go for the real thing. Over the last few years, there’s been a significant rise in the number of couples and families taking the deicsion to invest in solid wood furniture and, when you look at why, it makes absolutely sense. You really do get what you pay for with furniture and if you want the very best, only solid wood furniture will do. You’ll never get the same quality with flat pack and, as such, many have decided to ditch it in favour of the real deal!

If you’re investing a substantial amount of money in replacing your furniture, you need to be certain of buying from a reputable company. Pick a company that has been trading for a number of years; perhaps one that has been run by a family firm who put customer service at the top of the list. You’re much likely to get the kind of service you expect then. We recently purchased a number of items of bespoke wooden furniture and were lucky enough to be able to do so through our local bespoke furniture manufacturers, Priest Brothers. We couldn’t be happier with the pieces which we had manufactured for us and if you stop for a moment and think what they’d have been like as flat pack items, they wouldn’t have had anywhere near the same level of character which they do from being made from solid oak.

One of the main bonuses of this type of company when it comes to purchasing furniture is that they can offer things that others can’t such as a bespoke manufacturing service, such as that which we took advantage of. This can be particularly helpful if you need to match your new furniture to your existing items. You’ll get a choice of finishes such as wax, natural oils or lacquer to show off the wood to its best advantage and be part of the designing process if you wish. You’ll also end up with items that don’t look out of place along side your present furniture.

One advantage of proper wood furniture is that it will improve as it ages. Wood being a natural material will have its own unique grain that can’t be exactly replicated by the imitation variety no matter how good the manufacturing process. It will mellow and take on its own patina over the years and any wear and tear will only enhance its appearance.

So, if you choose your manufacturer carefully you should end up with new items of furniture you can be proud to own; ones that will still look good in years to come.

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