How to Maintain and Clean your Oven Perfectly

For some people, looking after the precious oven is not a glamorous household task. However, treating your oven well will maintain its efficiency and extends its life. This is also a recommendation you can get from a good oven cleaning Sheffield. As an oven owner, you can make it a habit to wipe down the oven’s exterior surfaces using a damp sponge each time you wipe the worktops down. When you are cooking a dish that may spill, place a baking soda lined with foil on the oven’s floor. The foil should not touch any of the oven’s heating elements.

Traditional Ovens

Cleaning ordinary oven doors and enamel linings can be done by using a paste or liquid cleaner. The job can be done easier before starting, put a bowl of water in your oven and set the oven to a high temperature for twenty minutes. This will produce steam which can be helpful in loosening the grease and dirt. Wipe away condensation before you use any oven cleaning product.

When the oven is heavily soiled, you can make use of a commercial oven cleaner. It is a no-no to apply this to a hot oven, the oven lights or electric elements. Ensure that you have a ventilated room and you put on rubber gloves. Meanwhile, for an enamel-lined oven, smearing a water and bicarbonate of soda paste can prevent the buildup of dirt. The mixture tends to dry leaving a coating which absorbs the oven’s greasy soiling. In fact, this makes it easier for you to do the cleaning next time.

Continuous-Cleaning or Self-Cleaning Oven

Having a self-cleaning or continuous-cleaning does not mean that you are free from doing any cleaning role. After the running the special high temperature self-cleaning cycle of this type of oven, you need to wipe the ashy residue out using a damp sponge. Your oven opening’s frame and the door edge outside the seal should be washed down using hot soapy water.

If you really want your oven to be perfectly clean, you can consider allowing a professional oven cleaner Sheffield to perform the task for you. You can simply go online and fine a reputable company that offers such service.

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