Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpets: Which Is Best?

It’s an age-old debate between many a person, is hardwood flooring better than carpets? On the one side, you have the hardwood die hards. On the other it’s the carpeted traditionalists. Is one truly better than the other? It’s a tricky question to answer, that’s for sure. There may not be a definitive answer to it. What I can tell you, are what benefits they both bring, and any drawbacks too.



One of the strengths of carpeting is that it retains heat in your home. This is particularly helpful during winter months, as it helps combat the cold. A nice, thick carpet can help you save money on energy bills because you won’t need the heating on as much. The downside is, a carpeted room could get extra hot and stuffy in the summer.


Carpets are softer than hardwood floors, making them a safer option. Falling on a hard surface can have serious consequences. You could end up with severe bruising or bone fractures. When you fall over on a soft carpet, it helps cushion your fall and protect you. You’ll end up with a nasty carpet burn, but it’s better than a shattered knee cap.


A big argument in favour of carpets is the cost. Carpets can be bought for a much cheaper price than a hardwood floor. You can sometimes find yourself paying half as much for a carpet than a hardwood floor. If price is no object, then this probably won’t matter to you.

Hardwood Floor

Environmentally Friendly

Wood flooring is usually made from timber, which is a natural material. These days timber suppliers take great care in where they get their material from. They don’t go around cutting down every tree they find. They choose selected forests where the impact isn’t as great. Timber is a sustainable material, so it can grow back over time.

Good For Allergy Sufferers

Hardwood floors are excellent if you suffer from allergies. Carpets are excellent at collecting dust and pet hair, keeping it trapped within until cleaned. By choosing a hardwood floor, you minimize the risk of trapping airborne allergens. In fact, it’s recommended you switch to hardwood flooring if you’re an avid allergy sufferer.


There’s an element of versatility about hardwood flooring that you don’t get with carpets. Having wood flooring still means you can get some carpet benefits too. You can put a rug down on your floor, so it’s softer and safer. This is useful if you have small children and want them to be safe, but still want a hardwood floor. Whereas with a carpet you can’t lay down a piece of wood on top.

There’s no true winner in this debate; it’s all down to personal preference. You could meet someone who swears by carpets, and someone who’ll never go near one. Choose what’s right for you. There are things you need to consider before purchasing either carpet or wood flooring. For wood flooring help, read this piece: Choosing Wood Floors – Lengthy Lasting Elegance.

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