Decorating Tips for the Family Dining Room

Designing a dining room that’s suitable for all your family’s needs, whether it’s long lunches, evening dinners or more formal affairs can be a little tough. However, with careful planning and a bit of method in the usual family dining room madness, you can soon have the ideal room you and your troop have always dreamed of.

We’ve come up with some decorating tips for the family dining room to hopefully help you on your way!

Make the most of your space

One thing that families tend to run out of is always space, especially when it comes to the dining room. Therefore it’s a good idea to take a good look at how much room you have at your disposal to work out how you can get the most out of it. Think about how often there’s a large amount of you dining together and whether you need a huge table, or whether you can get away with one that extends when you need it to. Simple things like this can be a huge lifesaver.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your family’s personality in the room

A lot of people think that dining rooms are boring, and it’s clear to see why they have gained this reputation. However, they definitely don’t have to be. They can in fact be the perfect place to showcase your family’s personality. Don’t be afraid to display your favourite family pictures or your little ones’ works of art in there. After all, it’s probably the room where you actually spend the most time together as you eat, so it makes sense to make it all about you!

Include a few clever pieces of furniture to help keep things organised

The dining room often doubles up as a bit of a play room or general room where things can get dumped. Therefore to avoid it from getting chaotic, you should look into furnishings that can help things stay tidy so you can (try) to restore order. You can get things like sideboards in beautiful Sheesham wood which can act as the ideal toy storage unit whilst still looking great in the room. Bookcases can also be really useful and add another element to the family dining room.

Add a bit of interest to the walls

The dining table and chairs generally take centre stage in the dining room, but why not draw the eye to something interesting on the walls too? Whether it’s interesting wall decal pieces or simply just your favourite family portraits, adding a bit of life to your dining room walls is a great way of injecting fun and personality into the room without compromising on space or light.

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