For people who are particular about creating an elegant look to their homes, a designer console table is a great piece of furniture to help in achieving this aim. Contemporary Console tables are usually small, tall and narrow. They usually have curved legs just like that of a console and they are designed to sit against a wall and could be attached to a wall as well. Instead of having a blank wall, spice it up with a nice console table decorated with your favorite photo frame, candles and fresh garden blooms.  One of the advantages of a console table is that it does not take too much space because they are small. Some console tables come with shelves and drawers for extra storage. Console tables are best placed next to a flat wall to help give balance and beauty to the room.

If you are one that loves to make a delightful first impression for guests visiting, a decorated console table with a beautiful picture frame, table lamp and other little pieces of décor can make a very bold statement to anyone who sees it. Placing them in your foyer can also be a fantastic addition to your home. The hallway is usually the first part of the home anyone sees when they enter. They can also be used be used as a small or secretary desk where there is no room for a proper home office.  Console tables are made out of different materials which include wood, metal and glass. The wooden forms usually come in various shades of wood so you are spoilt for choice.

Daybed is one piece of furniture that is very intriguing. They differ from a standard bed. As the name implies daybeds are used for sleeping during the day. Gone are those days when daybeds used to be for people who live alone or students. The demand and use for daybeds are on the rise and almost as high as the demand for regular beds. The fact that they are daybeds does not necessarily mean that they must only be put in a bedroom. They are ideal for placing in the living room because they come in different beautiful designs that make it a unique addition to the living room space.

Daybeds are perfect for small rooms where a regular bed won’t fit. When you want a combination of a sitting room and sleeping room, a daybed is surely your best option. They provide your space instantly with an alluring ambience. Daybeds are made out of materials like metal, leather, fabric and cushion. They are usually as comfortable as the regular beds.

Since console tables and daybeds are not very common in most furniture stores, the best way to find them in variety is online. You get to see different types, sizes, shapes, materials and styles and you can compare prices so as to make the right choice within your budget.

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