Buying Professional Tools – Why It Makes The Most Sense

In the past quality tools were always quite an expensive purchase, even considered a luxury item in some cases. Whether you were working in the trade or simply a keen DIY’er who enjoyed doing their own handy work around the home, it was almost always the case that you would either make do with budget alternatives or, if you really needed a specific tool which you couldn’t afford, you borrowed it. In the past, you built up your tool kit piece by piece as you needed it. It sometimes took a good while to assemble a decent tool kit but you knew that because you spent time and money on them you would look after them and they would reward you with many years of service. Decent tools should last years and, as such, that’s why every tradesman and DIYer would built up a collection bit by bit rather than sacrificing quality for cost.

 Times Have Changed…

It isn’t always necessary to build your tool kit that way nowadays, however. There are several reasons for that. One is that company’s such as CK TOOLS often offer surprisingly good deals on complete toolkits. Another is that online retailers such as Edwardes Bros can buy in bulk and therefore offer even better deals than the manufacturers probably expected. Another is that production has improved drastically over the last few years and so quality is no longer only for the professionals or a luxury item. Whilst you once had to either pay a small fortune for a complete, high quality toolset or had to simply accept the fact that it would take time to acquire, things are a little different now and a decent toolset is affordable for almost everyone who needs one!

 A Look At The CK TOOLS 595003…

Take the CK TOOLS 595003 Professional Premium Electricians toolkit for example. It contains just about everything anyone starting out as an electrician, whether as an apprentice or as an enthusiastic DIY’er, could wish for. It contains a wide range of tools including the award winning C.K Combicutter3 side cutters and premium quality 1000v insulated C.K DextroVDE screwdrivers. Wirestrippers, a mains tester and even a patress screw rethreading tool are in there. I bet many DIY electricians didn’t even know the patress rethreading tool existed! They come in handy, however, and it’s great to see that this particular toolkit includes one.

 Even the stylish CK Magma case the tools come in is a very stylish item you will want to show off. Made of a durable grey and red polyester with a padded shoulder strap and handle it is a very professional looking piece of kit.

 Best of all is that the aforementioned London based electrical wholesalers, Edwardes Bros, have this particular tool kit in stock at an incredible discounted price of just £139.85 +VAT. That’s definitely the best price I can find online and is fantastic value for money. If you’re needing a toolset, go on, treat yourself, you’ll thank yourself for it!

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