Affordable Home Luxuries

If you want to remodel your home or update some of its features, you may start off daydreaming about the many different luxury items you could add. But then you move on to what you consider more realistic options, because you don’t think you can afford any of these luxuries. However, you’d be surprised to learn that many things people think of as expensive luxury upgrades are actually very affordable. Here are a few of these items you could add to your home to make it the envy of your neighbourhood.


A Garden Sanctuary

Turning your backyard into a gorgeous garden actually doesn’t take that much money, but it will take a good amount of work. You may need to start by putting up a nice privacy fence that will act as the backdrop for your garden, but in many cases, that is the biggest cost of this project, especially if you do a lot of it yourself. The rest involves designing your flowerbeds, planting flowers, and getting the overall look of your backyard garden sanctuary just like you want it. You may work on this luxury item for years, switching around flowers to change the colour combinations or adding in things like a fountain or rock garden.

A Large Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closets are another luxury that can be a major selling point if you ever decide to sell your home. Some people choose to add on to their homes, while others remodel the interior to add their new closet space. If you’re going to add on, you may want to do more than just a closet since you’re looking at a major renovation, and it doesn’t necessarily make sense to add only a small amount of space to your home. For those who want to remodel, you can remove or add walls as needed to transform an unused area into the closet of your dreams. The remodelling is a much more affordable option, especially if all you’re doing is removing part of a wall to connect your bedroom with another smaller space that will be used as your closet.

A Spa

Spas are actually much more affordable than many people think, and they’re more than just a luxury. If you have chronic pain or an injury that flares up from time to time, relaxing in the warm waters of a spa can provide relief. You can even purchase a large swim spa that doubles as a swimming pool, giving the adults a place to unwind while the kids have something to do during the summer.

A Luxury Bathroom

Creating a luxury bathroom isn’t something you have to do all at once, which makes it the perfect luxury remodel for those on a budget. You can add things like a large walk-in shower, spa bathtub, or heated bathroom floors. There are even some small items you can add in between major updates that make your bathroom more luxurious, such as a towel warmer or a waterfall shower head.

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