A Short Introduction to Roller Shutter Design

If you’re in the market for roller shutter doors, then you might be wondering just what they are and what they can do for you. You might think that there is only one type of roller shutter design, and that’s it. The truth is that even though they have a generally industrial look, roller shutter doors can be found which appeal to the particular look or feel you’re going for.

Here you’ll find a brief introduction to a few different roller shutter designs, and how they could fit into the aesthetic you’re trying to create.

Secure: These are the standard roller shutters you might see on any business or shopping centre either before or after business hours. They might not seem particularly intimidating, as you can see right through them. You can even loop your fingers through them. Try breaking through such doors, though, and you’ll find that their bite is greater than their bark.

These types of roller shutters might give off the appearance of a wire fence, or they could be made of a more solid aluminium or steel, acting as a truly impermeable barrier to the outside world – or the merchandise within. When you look at them, one word generally comes to mind: Secure.

Transparent: If you’re not so afraid of vandalism, and just want to indicate to passers-by that you’re not yet open, then these types of roller shutter doors are a good choice. You can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing people can’t get in if you don’t want them to, whilst at the same time prospective shoppers or visitors can get an enticing peek at what’s inside.

This type of roller shutter is often seen in shopping malls, where it is less likely a vandal will get inside, but where you still need some kind of protection. This is good for giving off the appearance of openness and light.

Fire Resistant: Other types of roller shutters offer security and privacy, but they don’t do much to protect against fire. Fire rated roller shutter doors, however, are less about the looks and more about the protection against the elements in general, and the element of fire in particular. When a fire breaks out, you might not be there.

Fire resistant roller shutters keep your property safe from within (or without) until any fire can be put out. The best of these types of  can offer more than 200 minutes of fire protection.

With the more solid roller shutters, you can find them in a variety of colours. You should base the colour on the type of building in which you’re instaling the roller shutter doors. Roller shutters which clash with the surroundings might bring more attention to your business than you prefer. A blue set of roller shutters might go well with a red brick facade, but black or yellow might seem strange.

On the other hand, you could also have a design imprinted on the outside of the roller shutters as a form of branding.

As you can see, just the basics of roller shutter design incorporate more than just doors that roll down.

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